Rest day in Pisa, Italy

It started raining shortly after 1:00 a.m. last night, and I could hear the pitter-patter on my tent throughout the night as I rolled over in my sleep. The rain continued on through the morning, making it easy for me to stay and enjoy a rest day, because I didn’t want to cycle in the rain and take down a wet tent if I didn’t have to. I kept holding out hope that the rain would subside by early afternoon though, giving me the opportunity to go back into town for some more exploring, without getting soaked in the process. That wasn’t in the cards though. I spent most of the day in my tent, waiting for my laundry to be done (the dryers actually dried for two hours and 15 minutes, and even my cotton underwear was dry!), reading an e-book on my iPhone, and taking care of some other travel-related arrangements for the end of my trip.

By 7 p.m., I had snacked through most of my grocery supplies, so I decided to don my rain-gear and walk the quarter mile to the grocery store on the edge of town, and when I returned, I treated myself to a hot meal in the campsite restaurant. When asked what I wanted to drink, I asked for Acqua, and the waiter asked “naturale?”.  Not wanting to pay 2 euros for a bottle of mineral water that I had seen on the menu, I exclaimed “Si- yes”, and before I knew it, he had produced a bottle of mineral water called “Acqua Naturale”, and I was sipping a hugely over-priced drink with my ham/mushroom/mozzarella calzone. I had splurged a little on food over the past two days, but I think it was a coping mechanism to deal with the difficulties of travel. Since arriving in Pisa, whenever I see an airliner taking off, I have been thinking of my own fast-approaching flight from Rome back to Chicago. I have been starting to make little lists in my mind of all the things I want to do when I get home, starting with giving my Mom a big hug and kiss when she picks me up at the airport. It has been an amazing trip, and I plan to cherish each moment, every day during my final week as I bicycle the final two-hundred-odd miles to Roma. I hope my days will be filled with good weather and copious amounts of gelato!

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