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Caldana to Talamone (66.72 miles in 5 hours 7 minutes moving)

I got an early start biking today, (9:00 am is early for me) and right away passed through the town of Venturina, which provided some amusement for me, as in a little over a month I’ll be moving to Ventura, California for residency. I pretended that Venturina means “little Ventura” and made sure to pose for a photo with the sign.

Little Ventura!
Little Ventura!

There was a little bit of a tailwind again for most of the day, giving me my fastest average speed yet of the whole trip, and once again I was able to cruise in the aerobars. Under a nearly cloudless sky, the Tuscan sun was relentless and I also felt some of the hottest temperatures (mid-70s) that I’ve experienced this trip. I had to take in extra water to compensate and stay hydrated, and I found myself stopping more often in the shade of road-side trees when I needed to snack.  When I reached the town of Grosseto, I stopped at a McDonald’s for a one-euro chocolate milkshake, a restroom break, and to have them fill up my bag of ice so I could enjoy my evening ritual of an ice-cold Diet Pepsi/Coke after putting up the tent.

Thankfully my rear tire held today, and there was very little climbing, so the rest of the day passed quickly, allowing me to enjoy the pretty little towns and hills on the horizon.  When I reached Talamone, I turned into a strong headwind and saw the sky absolutely filled with kites! There were kitesurfers up and down the entire beach, with windsurfers zig-zagging between them in the perfect conditions. I had to bicycle past a few windsurfing and kitesurfing schools to get to Campeggio Talamone, and it was so nice to arrive before sunset once again. Two more days of bicycling and I’ll reach Rome!